Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leadership Tied to Maturity and Receptiveness

So I spent my lunch hour composing an email response loaded with what I thought were leadership newsletters, books, and articles, along with the observation I was not a great leader. I also stated I did not have to be the expert; I only needed to know who was and to let him or her shine. I read it through several times to make sure there were no errors, that nothing could be miscontrued or misunderstood, and sent it off, full of hope that everything would be made as new as I wrote in one sentence: a clean slate to start again.

I sent the email at 1244. I received a response at 1250. Six minutes. And the response? Ma'am,
Noted. Thank you for your time.

In my mid-to-late 20's, I might have had my own image tied into what and how I wanted to be perceived by others. Maybe I would have responded with the same speediness, the same acerbity, the lack of depth and gratitude. And maybe that's my error---in thinking she would be grateful.

Well, maybe someday she will be. I can hope.

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