Friday, February 15, 2008

Director for Nursing Services Billet Still Vacant...

Last week the senior nursing leadership posted an email regarding the selections for Senior Nurse Executive/Director for Nursing Services assignments for Fiscal-Year 2008. Glaringly vacant was the spot for DNS - Naval Hospital Guam.

The spouse envisioned the following dialogue:

Detailer: I have a great duty station for you. How does Guam sound?
Prospective SNE/DNS: Thanks, but I think I'll resign my commission.
Detailer: But you only have 19 years in. You'll lose millions!
Prospective SNE/DNS: Let's see, what is that address again? Oh yeah, Be seeing ya.

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Mike G said...

Obviously, there is much more to perspective DNS/SNE's career or future plans. Ie. spouse's care concerns/availability...etc.
As a senior LT I look forward to the opportunity to be afforded the chance at DNS/SNE. However, If this(Guam) was all I was offered I too would be searching Monster or
Don't forget about the Navy's seeminglynew job threat...Public Health Services.

Good Luck Perspective DNS/SNE.