Thursday, December 6, 2007

Attention to Detail...

I recently got my birthday card from the Commanding Officer. It was handed to me by one of the corpsmen on my old unit, F-2. I've been off that unit since July. The CO has seen me many times since then and knows my current assignment since I was called in to his office on a patient satisfaction issue a week ago and the appointment was set up weeks prior to that.

My first birthday card from this CO went to the ICU. I cut him some slack because he was relatively new to the command and I figured I was just another face in the crowd. To make a mistake like this a second time, well...I realized it just doesn't mean anything at all. So it went right into the trash.

As a believer in good stewardship and using limited resources wisely, it pained me. Whether the CO actually signed it or not, someone took the time to type out a message on command letterhead (good quality) and he signed it or someone stamped his name. Someone made sure my letter got out of his office. And then they couldn't follow through.

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